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Which toothbrush to select – Manual or Electric?

Which toothbrush should you purchase?

Purchasing a good-quality toothbrush is an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. When you visit the oral care aisle at the drugstore, It’s packed FULL of options. Choosing the best toothbrush can appear to be an impossible feat. Which brush should you choose manual or electric? The possibilities may seem endless and confusing. Let’s look at the pros and cons for both the options.

What pros of choosing a manual brush?

There are advantages to purchasing a manual toothbrush. We’ve been using this toothbrush for many years. It has a good track record. A few pros of using a manual toothbrush are as follows:

  1. Cost and availability: A manual toothbrush is cost effective. And they are available easily across pharmacies and drugstores.
  2. Convenient to travel with: With their small size standard toothbrushes take up less space, hence are easier to pack and stow. It’s not bulky like an electric toothbrush.
  3. Variety: Manual brushes are in larger variety compared to the electric toothbrushes. As a customer, you can choose from small, standard and large heads with soft, medium or hard bristle in different colors.

What cons of choosing a manual brush?

There are disadvantages to purchasing a manual toothbrush. As we have been using the manual toothbrushes for many years they have become obsolete. A few cons of choosing a manual toothbrush are as follows:

  1. Consistent replacement: When using a manual toothbrush, the bristles may fall out or become flayed faster, which requires a more frequent replacement.
  2. No timing control: Due to the lack of a timer, you need to guess the right amount of time you brush your teeth.
  3. No cleaning modes: You can use a manual toothbrush in only one way. This can leave certain bacteria in the mouth even after brushing.

What pros of choosing an electronic brush?

The electric toothbrush has become very popular in recent years. Here are a few pros of choosing an electronic brush:

  1. Built-in timer: Electric toothbrushes are pretty useful, as they have built-in timers that help us brush for the precise amount of time. A dentist recommends at least brushing for 2 minutes everytime.
  2. Powerful Cleaning Movements: Several thousand movements per minute versus a few hundred with manual brushing. This may lead to more plaque removal.
  3. Pressure Sensors: This feature informs you if you applying too much of pressure/force on your teeth while brushing.
  4. Easy to Use: Electric toothbrush is the best choice for people that have a tough time holding on to small items or other dexterity related conditions. These brushes can do all the hard work for them.

What cons of choosing an electronic brush?

An electric toothbrush has its share of disadvantages. These also need to be considered while purchasing.

  1. Pricing: An electric toothbrush is much more costly than a manual toothbrush.
  2. Inconvenient and bulky: An electric toothbrush needs charging to work and they take a lot of space while packing. Although several newer models have greatly reduced battery consumption and size.

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Ultimately, both are good options – it depends on your preference! A manual toothbrush, when used correctly, can get the job done. However, powered toothbrushes make thousands of brush strokes than you ever could manually. Dr Riar consistently recommends making the switch to an electric toothbrush. Have a look at our reviews to see what the community of Bakersfield is talking about us. Book your Dental Check-up with your own Family Dentist in Bakersfield.

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