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Our home in Bakersfield, California is a welcoming community for patients who seek top quality dental care in a supportive environment. Referred by some patients as the top dentistry in Bakersfield we believe every visit to the dentist should be comfortable and positive. Riar Dental Arts is committed to making your next dental visit one you’ll be grinning over and your friends will be asking you about! To schedule your first appointment give Dr. Riar’s office a call at 661.832.1877 or email us at

$279 Welcome Special

Includes Cleaning, Exam, Digital X-rays and Custom Treatment Plan
Offer not valid in cases of periodontal disease and cannot be combined with insurance.

What Makes Riar Dental

A Special Dental Practice

A supportive environment centered on your health and wellness


State Of The Art Dental Technology

Whether you’re visiting for your six month appointment or have a dental emergency, our comprehensive exams and conservative approach let you get the best quality of care for your needs.


An Office Built For Comfort

Our team believes your dental experience should always feel comfortable and relaxed, so we’ve modeled our practice around calming patient comforts and convenient resources.


A Community of Trust

Raised in Bakersfield, California, Dr. Riar feels strongly connected to supporting the health of his patients both in and out of the office.

Conservative Care

We listen to the specific needs of our patients and use cutting edge technology for more efficient and comfortable treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Refresh your smile with our cosmetic dentistry, we can fix small imperfections to reveal your beautiful, healthy teeth.

pediatric dentist
Pediatric Dentistry

From when their first few baby teeth come in to when it’s time for orthodontics we’re here to help your family build fond memories.

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative services replace missing teeth or correct small imperfections for a smile that feels healthy again and looks great.

We Believe In

Personalized Dental Health

Comprehensive Exams

We use highly advanced dental technology to perform a detailed and precise examination of your dental health.

Professional Experience

Dr. Riar has extensive experience, and is bolstered by his ongoing pursuit of continuing education to make sure he and his staff are offering the best dentistry.

Preventive Care

We practice guilt-free patient education so patients can feel confident in their dental treatments and comfortable caring for their teeth at home.

An Office Designed for You

Relax in our calming office with dimming lights as we promptly greet you and finish preparing your room, so you can get the care you need in a tranquil environment.

Cutting Edge Technology

Patients can feel comfortable knowing they’re receiving the best of modern dental care when advanced technology can perform more accurate treatments than ever before.

Resources at your Fingertips

Whether you are having a dental emergency or simply need access to one of our dental forms, our resources can be reached by phone and online.

We Built

An Office Designed for You

Family Comforts From The Office

Whether it’s sharing homemade cookies and tamales over the holidays or catching up with family stories, your visit to Riar Dental Arts will feel like home. Our soft-colored office of grays and blues are calming in an atmosphere designed for relaxation and comfort. As you sit (for only a short moment!) in our waiting room our staff is quick to prepare you for a pleasant visit and answer any of your questions. When you set an appointment with us we’re happy to welcome you to a community of friends.

Meet with Our Dentist and Hygienist

Six Month Checkups

Bright, White Teeth Maintained to Last

Don’t let your smile fade when you think you might have a dental problem–come into our office every six months for a checkup so our highly trained team can evaluate your dental health and spot areas of concern before they become large problems. When a smile is often the first thing someone notices about you, you’ll want to keep your teeth happy and clean. By making an appointment with us, you’ll get to see just how great it feels to enjoy a happy and healthy mouth year round.

We're Ready to Help

A Promise From

Doctor Riar

“Patient-Focused Community”

“As a Bakersfield native, I consider it a great privilege to be able to come home and care for the oral health of all my friends, family and neighbors. Growing up in a tight-knit community like Bakersfield has taught me the importance of quality care and a friendly demeanor. I work diligently to make sure that I uphold the values and ethics instilled in me by all my teachers from Sing Lum Elementary, Lakeside Middle, and Stockdale High School to provide dentistry that is gentle and builds pleasant long-lasting relationships."

Dr. Tanveer Riar

Dr. Tanveer Riar

Renew Your Dental Health