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8 Dental Myths-Debunked

Most people avoid going to the dentist because of popular myths about dental health. Keep your smile bright and healthy by learning the truth about dental health. The best way to avoid dental myths is to ask a dentist. Here’s the truth behind the most common dental myths.

  1. No visible problem, No dentist:  The most common myth amongst dental patients is “if there is no visible problem in my teeth, I don’t need to visit a dentist”. With a lot of dental issues, you don’t necessarily feel pain right away. To be sure and to be on a safer side visit your dentist regularly for a dental checkup and dental cleaning.
  2. Brushing harder makes your teeth cleaner: Brushing harder will not clean your teeth better. Brushing too hard will actually harm your teeth by eroding some of the hard enamel that protects the inside of the tooth from cavities and tooth decay.
  3. Chewing gum is equal to brushing: Part of this statement is true, chewing sugar-free gum, especially gum with xylitol, can have a protective effect on the teeth. Gum encourages saliva production. But in fact, chewing sugar-free gum does not replace actually brushing your teeth. It is important to brush your teeth twice in a day.
  4. Sugar rots your teeth: When you think of cavities, you might think of lollipops and other sweet and sticky treats. While they do cause cavities, crackers and chips might be even worse for your teeth. These hard snacks get stuck in between your teeth and are harder to remove, which can cause plaque and then lead to more serious dental problems.
  5. During pregnancy, no dentist: During pregnancy, your hormones change and this can affect your oral health. Inadequate oral hygiene during pregnancy can put your unborn child at risk. Getting a dental check-up during pregnancy is important and completely safe.
  6. Bleeding gums are not to be brushed: Bleeding gums are usually a sign that they need to be brushed more, not less. The reason our gums bleed is due to inflammation, which happens due to the presence of bacteria and plaque. Make brushing/flossing part of your daily routine to stop bleeding gums.
  7. Baby teeth are not important: One of the biggest misconceptions is that Baby teeth don’t really matter. Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth even if they are going to fall out. Brush your baby’s teeth as soon they emerge and take them to a dentist when they turn one.
  8. Ignoring cavities in Baby teeth: Baby teeth are going to be replaced by adult teeth but they need to be treated for any sort of dental problems. If not treated early this can lead permanent damage to the adult tooth that will grow in that place. So see a pediatric dentist regularly for a dental checkup and cleaning.

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