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The Center for Disease Control estimates that over half of Americans aged 30 or older have periodontitis, or the advanced form of gum disease. When left untreated gum disease can lead to painful decay or tooth loss. This destructive disease is known to develop more quickly for those who smoke or are taking certain medications. By attending six month cleanings and regularly speaking with our team our staff can spot gum disease before it begins and support a healthy smile for years.

What Is Periodontal Disease Bakersfield Dentist Treatment

What Is Periodontal Disease? 

Irritated Gums? Patients with gum disease or gingivitis may experience redness, swelling and pain in their gums and around their teeth. Gum disease may begin painlessly but advances quickly if left untreated. In later stages Periodontitis results in the gums pulling away from the tooth or teeth, which can lead to tooth decay or the loss of one or more teeth. When you come in for a six month cleaning at Riar Dental Arts our team can provide preventive tips and deep cleanings to treat or prevent gum disease and promote strong dental health.

How To Heal Periodontal Gum Disease Bakersfield Dentist

Do I Have Gum Disease?


Don’t hesitate to contact our staff if think you have symptoms of gum disease.

  • Receding gums, or longer looking teeth
  • Chronic bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away
  • Red, irritated gums that swell or bleed easily
  • Emergence of pus between gums and teeth
  • Loose, separating, or migrating teeth
  • Painful eating and chewing
  • Sensitive or tender feeling teeth or gums
  • Change in the way teeth fit when biting
  • Change in the fit of partial dentures

How to Heal Gums


A process known as root planing and root scaling may be used as a deep cleaning method to gently and precisely locate and remove centers for tartar or bacteria buildup using a soft laser. Oral antibiotics may also be administered before or after a deep cleaning. In any case where your health is concerned, it’s important to find effective treatment and care as soon as possible. Dr. Riar and his staff are ready to help you find the care you need, so you can get back to enjoying a healthier, happier life.

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    Piezo Scalers



    Ultrasonic scalers have a distinct advantage over traditional hand scaling treatments in providing teeth with an advanced level of cleaning that is highly efficient and convenient. Our staple Piezo-electric scalers use high speed ultrasonic mechanical vibrations to gently but very accurately target and remove bacteria, plaque, and other harmful deposits found around and in between the teeth. Whether you are receiving a root planing and scaling treatment or hope for a deep clean at your six month appointment, our Piezo-electric scaler can transform your smile and level of dental health.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why Do My Gums Hurt?

    Brushing too hard, improper flossing techniques, infection, or gum disease can cause sore and sensitive gums.

    What Is Gingivitis?

    Gingivitis can cause red, swollen, tender gums that bleed easily. You will notice this especially when you brush your teeth. It can cause your gum line to recede. Healthy gums are firm and pale pink and fitted tightly around the teeth. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis: swollen or puffy gums.

    Does Gingivitis Cause Bad Breath?

    Gingivitis can cause bad breath and is the first stage of gum disease. When the condition progresses, it becomes periodontal disease. 

    When Is It Too Late for Gingivitis Treatment?

    Gum disease is preventable, especially when it is diagnosed in its earliest stages. Even for those people with advanced gum disease, it is never too late to seek diagnosis and restorative treatment.

    What Are The Stages of Gum Disease?


    Patients with gingivitis may not realize that they have gum disease, as symptoms may be subtle at this point. Common symptoms include slight bleeding during brushing or flossing, as well as mild discoloration or tenderness. Gingivitis is caused by plaque buildup, and not all plaque can be removed by toothbrushing alone.

    Plaque that is not removed over time will harden into a substance called tartar, which can only be removed by dental professionals. For this reason, even people who regularly brush and floss will inevitably develop gingivitis if they do not visit the dentist for routine cleanings and oral exams.


    If gingivitis is not treated professionally, it will eventually progress into periodontitis, the more severe stage of gum disease. Periodontitis progresses through several stages of its own:

    • The connective gum and jaw bone tissues that support the teeth begin to degrade.
    • The gums then start to separate and pull away from the teeth.
    • Pockets form between the teeth and the gums, creating a safe haven for bacteria.
    • The jaw bone and gums start to deteriorate.
    • Infection begins spreading throughout the mouth.
    • The teeth become loose, causing orthodontic problems.
    • Eventually, teeth will start to fall out.

    When Should I See A Dentist for Gum Pain?

    It is advisable for people with severe, persistent, or recurring gum pain to see a dentist for a checkup. A dentist can examine the gums, teeth, and mouth for signs of infection, tooth decay, and other dental issues.

    How Can I Get My Gums Healthy Again?

    The best protection against receding gums is regular check ups with your dentist and a good oral health routine. Brush for two minutes, two times per day with a fluoride toothpaste or a daily specialist gum health toothpaste. This helps to remove plaque bacteria to keep your gums, and teeth, healthy.

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