How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life for the Better

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How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life Bakersfield Dentist Riar
In addition to the physical effects that tooth loss can have on your life, tooth loss also has emotional ripples. It can make you feel embarrassed, ashamed, or even hopeless. You might not feel confident about your smile or in speaking with friends and family. You might even feel a sense of loneliness and isolation if you’re avoiding your favorite places and favorite people.

Thank goodness for the restorative powers of dental implants! For those who have been dealing with the effects of tooth loss, dental implants can be life changing in the best possible way.

how dental implants can change your life

Wait…What is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium base that fuses into the jawbone to act as a tooth root and support a dental crown.

Why Are Dental Implants So Awesome?
Dental implants are regarded as the superior replacement method for missing teeth. They:

  • Restore your natural ability to chew and speak with ease
  • Feel and look just like a natural tooth
  • Are the only form of permanent tooth replacement to be secured into the jawbone
  • Won’t slip or shift in place
  • Can last a lifetime with proper care

how dental implants can change my life

Here are some other ways that dental implants will give you a new lease on life:

You Can Say Yes to Everything On the Menu

Imagine holding a menu in your hands and realizing that nothing on it is limited for your mouth! No more saying no to friends’ requests to split a dish simply because you would not be able to chew it. No more having to avoid ice cream or piping hot drinks because the temperature caused pain.

More importantly, no more having to avoid any type of food, as nutrition is essential in keeping your entire system healthy for years to come!

You Will Shave Years Off Of Your Appearance

Tooth loss can cause even a young face shape to droop, sag or appear aged. When all of our teeth are present, the skin on our face is firm and taut. When the teeth start to go missing and stay missing for long periods of time, the elasticity of our skin is lost. Due to this, the skin around our mouth appears wrinkled and loose.
Thankfully, many dental implant recipients have reported instant facial transformations that have restored their youthful glow. Imagine friends and family marveling about your new youthful appearance without knowing what exactly has changed!

An Increase In Positive Attention From Everyone You Meet

This is because you won’t be able to stop smiling! And why wouldn’t you, now that you can eat your favorite foods without pain, smile at new acquaintances with ease, and laugh freely with loved ones? A happy, confident person naturally attracts the warm attention of those around them. Studies have shown that a smiling face is received way more positively than an unsmiling one, regardless of whether the smiling face is less attractive than the unsmiling one.

You Will Enjoy Better Health

Research has shown that dental implants can halt bone loss in adults, and in some instances, reverse it! Chewing keeps our jaws strong and healthy, and the more the teeth, the better the chew! A healthy smile equals a healthy body!

Dental Implants In Bakersfield

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