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Jaw Pain & TMJ

Chronic Pain, Solved.

Pain in your jaw might not feel like a serious condition right away. But when a misaligned bite creates chronic jaw pain the resulting symptoms can include dizziness, back pain, neck pain and even chronic headaches and earaches. Even with a visit to the doctor the answer might not be clear. Pain in your jaw joint (TMJ) is also known as a the chronic condition temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. Without orthodontic help this condition can remain chronic or worsen over time. If jaw pain or chronic headaches are disrupting your daily life give us a call at 661-832-1877 to schedule a consultation and find simple pain relief.


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Treating Jaw Pain and TMJ with Dr. Riar

Painless procedures for a comfortable bite and improved lifestyle

Millions of Americans suffer from the painful symptoms of TMD without a proper diagnosis by a physician. At Riar Dental Arts, however, our staff is specially trained in looking for and treating signs of TMJ pain or TMD. Using the best dental technology methods our team can help each patient find gentle and comfortable treatments for pain-free living and easier eating, smiling and laughing again.

Painful to Painfree

Modern Neuromuscular Dentistry

TMJ pain is much simpler to treat under the professional care of a dentist, who may administer tools such as sonography, electromyography (EMG), jaw tracking and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). When used together these gentle orthodontic treatments track the positioning of the jaw to discover its proper placement and feel. Other orthodontic treatments such as a customized dental splint or bite guard can help reposition the teeth and train your bite to form back to a place of comfort.

Health At-Home Tips for TMJ Pain

Accessible Solutions for All Ages

Care for your dental health shouldn’t stop after your appointment with us. To best take care of any TMJ pain at home:

  • Incorporate softer foods and avoid chewing gum
  • Refrain from overextending the jaw when yawning or opening the mouth
  • Apply ice packs or heat packs to alleviate or reduce pain
  • Focus on relaxing the muscles and relieving tension around the jaw

A Bakersfield Dentist with a Solution

Sleep Well, Eat Happy, Rest Easy

At Riar Dental Arts our mission is to improve the health and comfort of each of our patients with treatments that are easy to understand and feel gentle and painless. If dental-related pain is affecting your daily life and abilities to enjoy your meals or smile with friends give us a call at 661-832-1877 to find relief. When you treat your TMJ pain the future of your dental health and pain-free living improves.

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Discovering a convenient scheduling option at the dentist can feel like a blessing in a busy schedule, but what happens once you arrive at the office? If the minutes tick by in the waiting room your easy appointment might slip away into a long wait. At Riar Dental we respect the time our patients spend when they come to see us. Not only will we find a convenient scheduling time that works for you, but we’ll honor your time with prompt service and efficient treatments that don’t keep you waiting on results. We’re happy to see you even if it’s for a short while every six months!

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Dr. Tanveer Riar

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