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Sleep Apnea Treatment

When Breathing Should Be Effortless, But Isn’t

Have your children been going to bed to the sound of a roaring jet plane from across the hall? If it’s becoming painfully obvious that snoring is causing you and your family to lose sleep, Dr. Riar can help find a solution to your sleep apnea. Whether an obstructed airway in your mouth or conflicted brain signals are affecting your breathing pattern, give us a call to schedule a consultation and find you (and your family!) relief.


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Sleep Apnea Conditions

Know Your Signs and Symptoms

Sleep apnea is most common in men over the age of 40 but is known to affect patients of various backgrounds. Physical conditions such as enlarged tonsils, sinus problems or a deviated septum may attribute to this problem. When left untreated it becomes easier to develop high blood pressure, increased risks of stroke or heart attach, heart failures and more.  If you or your partner are experiencing sleeplessness from snoring orthodontic help from the dentist may be the answer to reclaiming a good night’s rest.

How We Treat Sleep Apnea

So You Can Sleep Tight Every Night.

In Dr. Riar’s office our team uses professional tools to help you rest easy. Our continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) device supplies air through the nasal passages using continuous air pressure to keep the airway open while you sleep. Other orthodontic devices such as custom made mouth guards are also available depending on the severity of the condition. To discover what treatment method is ideal for you give us a call to schedule your appointment.

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At Riar Dental, Patients Aren’t Kept Waiting

Discovering a convenient scheduling option at the dentist can feel like a blessing in a busy schedule, but what happens once you arrive at the office? If the minutes tick by in the waiting room your easy appointment might slip away into a long wait. At Riar Dental we respect the time our patients spend when they come to see us. Not only will we find a convenient scheduling time that works for you, but we’ll honor your time with prompt service and efficient treatments that don’t keep you waiting on results. We’re happy to see you even if it’s for a short while every six months!

A Better Night’s Sleep

Is Possible

Sleep Apnea or Snoring? We can Help.

Life’s no fun when you sleep in the same house as a jet engine or train! If your loved one snores, or sleep apnea is keeping you awake at night, our services can help return you to a good night’s sleep. One ideal form of treatment involves using a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) device to help keep your airways open while you sleep by supplying air through the nasal passages. By alleviating the problems you feel when you can’t sleep well due to sleep apnea or snoring, you will sleep better and feel more refreshed in the mornings

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“As a Bakersfield native, I consider it a great privilege to be able to come home and care for the oral health of all my friends, family and neighbors. Growing up in a tight-knit community like Bakersfield has taught me the importance of quality care and a friendly demeanor. I work diligently to make sure that I uphold the values and ethics instilled in me by all my teachers from Sing Lum Elementary, Lakeside Middle, and Stockdale High School to provide dentistry that is gentle and builds pleasant long-lasting relationships."

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Dr. Tanveer Riar

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