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Teeth Whitening (Zoom)

Your Dream Pearly Whites

One of the first things anyone will ever notice about you is your smile. Those big pearly whites of yours play a serious role as your lasting first impression in job interviews, making new friends, and meeting new people! Our teeth whitening system is a fast and easy way to embrace the kind of results you won’t stop smiling about, so feel free to let your confidence speak a thousand words every time you smile in a photo when you ask us today about our custom teeth whitening service.


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Causes for Discolored Teeth

More Than just Morning Coffee

Your teeth may become discolored for a number of reasons:

  • Aging, genetic disposition or poor dental hygiene
  • Staining from dark colored foods and drinks
  • Use of tobacco or smoking
  • Ilness or injury affecting a tooth or teeth
  • Medicine use such as antibiotics

Bakersfield Professional Teeth Whitening

Prescription Strength

Our teeth whitening process is fast and effective without the disappointing results of drugstore whitening products. If you’re looking for a reliable level of professional grade whitening our staff is happy to schedule an appointment with you to take the first steps towards a whiter, more confident smile. With our custom take-home whitening your ideal level of white is conveniently in your hands.

Brilliant Results

That Last A Lifetime

The whitening process begins by fitting an impression of the teeth to serve as a custom mold that is made for convenient at-home whitening. For the best results we recommend using our teeth whitening system for about two weeks for an hour at a time. Although some sensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks may occur, side effects are low and sensitivity typically fades quickly. If you are hoping to whiten your teeth professionally for a whiter and more confident smile, contact Riar Dental to set up your consultation!

Are You Thinking

About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Whiter, Brighter, and Straighter Smiles

Have you been thinking about enhancing your smile with professional cosmetic dentistry? Our cosmetic services can transform everything from crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth into beautiful and confident strong smiles! When drugstore teeth whitening products become too messy and offer inconsistent results, our professional teeth whitening services are simple to use, convenient for you and deliver unparalleled results.

We Built

An Office Designed for You

Receiving Care Is Easy With A Supportive Team

Whether it’s sharing homemade cookies and tamales over the holidays or catching up with family stories, your visit to Riar Dental Arts will feel like home. Our soft-colored office of grays and blues are calming in an atmosphere designed for relaxation and comfort. As you sit (for only a short moment!) in our waiting room our staff is quick to prepare you for a pleasant visit and answer any of your questions. When you set an appointment with us we’re happy to welcome you to a community of friends.

We're Ready to Help

A Promise From

Doctor Riar

“Patient-Focused Community”

“As a Bakersfield native, I consider it a great privilege to be able to come home and care for the oral health of all my friends, family and neighbors. Growing up in a tight-knit community like Bakersfield has taught me the importance of quality care and a friendly demeanor. I work diligently to make sure that I uphold the values and ethics instilled in me by all my teachers from Sing Lum Elementary, Lakeside Middle, and Stockdale High School to provide dentistry that is gentle and builds pleasant long-lasting relationships."

Dr. Tanveer Riar

Dr. Tanveer Riar

Renew Your Dental Health