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Tooth Extractions

Restoring your smile for better health and fit

At Riar Dental Arts we’ll do everything we can to help protect your teeth and keep them healthy. But if the time comes where a tooth or teeth have to be removed, we can help you to make the process feel gentle and heal smoothly. Whether it’s time to have one or more wisdom teeth removed or a decayed or damaged tooth cannot be saved, our team at Riar Dental Arts is glad to be your local restorative dentist. We act on conservative dental principles so you will never lose a valuable tooth unless it is the only option to restore your mouth to its proper health and function. After tooth extraction or tooth replacement with us your smile may look, feel and function healthier with a better cosmetic appearance.


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Wisdom Teeth and You

Restoring your bite and healthy smile

When your bite is affected so is the way you are able to bite, chew, and even speak. When wisdom teeth are allowed to grow they may have negative effects on your appearance and dental health: adjacent teeth may move or shift and your bite can change. Sometimes, wisdom teeth that are impacted (under the surface) or that grow sideways or irregularly will put stress and pain on the jawbone, nerves, and adjacent teeth. Removing obstructive wisdom teeth may be the only way to preserve the alignment of your teeth and protect the way you eat and speak.

Our Process

Simple Steps Towards a Better Smile

Nitrous (laughing gas) sedation is commonly used for patients who wish to feel calm and relaxed through the tooth extraction process. If the tooth or teeth are impacted below the gum line an incision in the gum is made to carefully remove the tooth in pieces. After tooth extraction you may be prescribed pain medication to aid in recovery. Sleeping on multiple pillows to elevate the treatment site as well as applying icepacks to the cheeks can help reduce swelling and improve a faster recovery time.

Recovering from Tooth Extraction

Care at Home

For the first few days after a tooth extraction your dentist will recommend that you rest or resume your regular activities with caution. Smoking, or rinsing your mouth vigorously are not advised as they will damage the healing process. Your dentist will encourage that you eating soft foods over difficult-to-eat alternatives, clean your teeth gently while avoiding the extraction site, and take prescribed medications specifically designed to alleviate pain and help in your healing process. You can also prop your head up with pillows at night to control the blood flow from your gums, and apply ice to reduce any swelling. As always, we welcome you to call us immediately if you have any questions about your dental extraction.

Our Bakersfield Dentist Uses

Fiber Optic Handpieces

Improving Treatments Using Light

At Riar Dental, we put our efforts into making not just your smile but our technology shine brightly, too. Our fiber optic handpieces shine light directly on the areas receiving treatment so you can experience highly accurate treatment that results in more effective care. Our fiber optic handpieces are specially designed to easily attach to dental tools and improve visibility during clinical treatment by providing precise, undistorted light. You’ll feel more comfortable with your procedure knowing your dentist is using advanced light technology to enhance your level of care.

Is Dental Anxiety

Keeping You Away?

Our painless sedation options help you relax through any appointment.

Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, is a safe and effective treatment method that has been used by millions of patients over the years to reduce dental anxiety and create deep relaxation throughout any procedure. If you have fears about going to the dentist, have trouble sitting still during treatments, or have sensitive teeth or reflexes, sedation dentistry has become a favorite method for some patients to feel wholly relaxed while getting the care they need. If you are curious about how sedation dentistry help you feel safe and calm during treatment, read more about our sedation services by clicking below.

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“As a Bakersfield native, I consider it a great privilege to be able to come home and care for the oral health of all my friends, family and neighbors. Growing up in a tight-knit community like Bakersfield has taught me the importance of quality care and a friendly demeanor. I work diligently to make sure that I uphold the values and ethics instilled in me by all my teachers from Sing Lum Elementary, Lakeside Middle, and Stockdale High School to provide dentistry that is gentle and builds pleasant long-lasting relationships."

Dr. Tanveer Riar

Dr. Tanveer Riar

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